Duncan Breckner


Duncan Breckner

Physical Appearance

Height: 5'11"

Hair: brown

Eyes: brown

Notable: beard




Lab 14


Mind Wipe Coordinator


Immediate Family Members

Claire Breckner (Lab 15)

Ryan Breckner 

Dennis Breckner


Duncan Breckner was present at Lab 14 during Subject Zero's attack. Mr. Breckner vanished along with five Synths, no doubt hoping we'd presume them all deceased. We are watching his immediate family, ensuring they do not leave our sight in case we are to use them as a means of flushing Mr. Breckner out. It is, however, unknown at this time which Synths that left with him are alive, thus making Mr. Breckner, at this moment, more dangerous than us. Steps are being taken to find Mr. Breckner's whereabouts, but for now, we are keeping his wife close in case immediate collateral is needed.


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