In Eternity Cover - Harry Goodsir series

Book One

In an alternate timeline, Earth has been destroyed by nightmarish wraiths called into existence by a genetic experiment gone wrong. Left with no defense against the creatures, survivors are forced underground to avoid slaughter.


Hiding in a small bunker below the remains of a hidden Nevada research station, Annie Ross and her two closest friends struggle to adapt to their new, dangerous life. In a sealed room deep in the bunker, they find a long-lost journal. The strange events it details convince Annie that a member of the ill-fated Franklin Expedition of 1845 may have a hidden power, a direct link to the origin of the genetic mutants who created the deadly wraiths in the first place - and he's possibly the only person who can stop the creatures for good.

Together, Annie and her friends form a daring plan to travel through time and enlist the help of Harry Goodsir, attempting to change the fate of one man to ultimately save what's left of humanity.

In Eternity is the first novel in the Harry Goodsir Changed Fate series. 

Book Two

The race to save the world - and Dr. Harry Goodsir - continues in Homeward.

Coming soon.

Temporary Homeward Cover - Harry Goodsir series