Henry Le Vesconte - Franklin Expedition


Le Vesconte

Born in Netherton, Devonshire in 1813, Henry Le Vesconte was just 16 when he joined the Royal Navy.

Throughout his career, Le Vesconte served on multiple ships and fought in the First Opium War, participating in key events that earned him a promotion to lieutenant.

Le Vesconte joined the Franklin Expedition in 1845 as the second lieutenant on the HMS Erebus. He was one of the 129 men of the voyage that vanished. In 1869, an explorer named Charles Francis Hall was shown to a grave by the native people of Nunavut. Initially, the remains were thought to be those of Lt. Le Vesconte. It wasn't until 2009 when, using the latest technology available, scientists realized the remains were actually most likely those of assistant surgeon Harry Goodsir instead.

Lt. Le Vesconte appears in In Eternity and Homeward.

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