Francis Crozier - Franklin Expedition



Francis Crozier was an Irish officer and polar explorer expert. Born in 1796, he was second in command on the Franklin Expedition as captain of the HMS Terror.

He joined the Royal Navy at the age of 13. Before that fateful voyage that ended in tragedy and suffering, Crozier had been on many other expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic. After a dangerous trip North with Capt. William Perry in 1824, Crozier was promoted to lieutenant two years later.

After befriending and serving with explorer James Clark Ross, the nephew of famed Sir John Ross, Francis Crozier continued to climb the ranks during daring voyages until joining the Franklin Expedition in 1845. Like so many others who vanished, his remains have never been found.

Francis Crozier appears in In Eternity and Homeward.

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