Subject  G

finn-best pose.jpg

Given Name

Griffin "Finn"

Physical Appearance

Height: 5'10"

Hair: dark brown

Eyes: light brown

Notable: large scar on back of left arm and wrist






Backwards influencing

Mind Wipes



Subject G is antisocial and prefers to spend time alone. Normal interactions with others are too much of a distraction for full use of his ability. In order for his power to be in his control - and thus be able to choose what he influences - Subject G requires certain written words, which he scribbles in a notebook prior to an Influence. 

MDD placed inside right subcutaneous epaxial fat to avoid instant fatality and instead cause internal bleed out if handler does not report location and injection of Compound 7HC in six hour intervals or should Subject G escape.

Subject G is also under the impression he will develop a fatal CRD with prolonged exposure on the outside without his regular dosages of Compound 7HC. Although false, this was done as a failsafe in case Subject G should slip away from his handler and detonation of MDD fails. Handler is to begin mixing steadily increasing dosages of Compound 7HC in Subject G's B vitamins injections starting on day four of time outside. This will continue until Subject G is too sick to continue and will be returned to Lab 14 to recover.

Subject Five is: